10/20/14 Backstage Pass Lunchtime Concert Series Playlist (NOON, PST)

18 Oct


Join Diva Taunia every Monday for a lunchtime music concert series (NOON PST), featuring some of today’s up and coming musicians and songwriters. If you like what you hear, we encourage you to stop by their website or social media pages and let them know!  All links can be found on the blog at www.divatauniablog.com (just look for the blog entry with the correct concert date).  Our artists:

Monday, 10/20/14

1.  Sarantos with “Believe”
2. Bass Bullies with “Let Loose”
3. Lawrence Cooke with “Chasing Light”
4. Of1Force with “Maybe I Could Fly”
5. Diva Taunia with “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To”

Today’s program was sponsored by Wellesse Premium Liquid Vitamins and Supplements and Ever Pretty Dresses.  Please bookmark The Backstage Pass Radio Program for more great music from artists around the world!


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7 Oct

sponsored post

It’s Halloween season already, and my husband and I have already started planning our costumes and decorating our house.   Because we work at a school, we always dress up for the kids and they love it – particularly his costume because he always goes all out.  He went on a school trip to Japan over the summer, so he decided to do a “funny” costume and go as a geisha.  My costume is based on one of my favorite movies of the summer:  Maleficent.   I actually went thinking I wasn’t going to like it since it was so hyped up, but I ended up LOVING it.

So I began my search for a costume online.  The kids loved the movie too, so I really want this costume to be OVER.THE.TOP!  The problem is, every costume I’ve found online has gotten fair to poor reviews, and that just won’t do. ;)  So I decided to get a little creative and build my own DIY costume working with some AMAZING sponsors.  Please take the time to check out their websites not only to see if they can add something to your costume, but to your wardrobe as well!

Please bookmark this page.  I’ll be adding more sponsors and costume pieces as they come in, and once the costume is complete, I’ll be photographing and creating a video of the entire costume after I’ve “become” Maleficent!

Provided by:  Ever-Pretty Dresses


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HORNS1 horns2

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TURBAN (For Headpiece)

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2 Oct


I love geeks.   I love that geeks are cool now.  When I was younger (a million years ago) it wasn’t cool for me to love things like the periodic table and the billions of nerves that communicate in trillions of connections in our brains.  But now?  Being a geek is COOL.  And being a geek helps you make and sell great music.

Downlow’d is a self-professed geek.  He calls himself a computerhead, and even writes part of his Facebook description in binary code (that’ where he immediately won me over).  He just seems like an all-around quirky and fun guy.  Unique.  And I dig that.

As a jazz musician, I can sometimes be a little snotty about music.  It’s the leftover younger ego-driven diva in me and also because of the years of study dissecting it, analyzing it, and being forced to listen to more and more difficult things – your ears just need….more.  But, I’ve grown to realize that there’s great music in every genre (and hey, there’s music that sucks in every genre too – even my beloved jazz) and sometimes the more you need is the rhythm that moves you and makes you want to get up off your couch.  As a 43 yr old gal at 8:00pm on a Thursday night, that’s quite a feat, and that’s what the song Legendary did for me.

When I listened to “Legendary,”  my brain immediately started working out choreography for my next dance class that I’m going to teach.  (Uh PS, Downlow’d…I may need to be asking you about that!!)  The song clocks in at 4:18, so it’s perfect for getting your groove on and getting your cardio up.  There are some nice rhythmic shifts and segways that are always really needed on a primarily instrumental song. There’s also some very lovely ethereal vocals thrown in midway in the tune to change-up the vibe a bit.  Honestly, the groove is so great on this it could be easily incorporated into a Zumba class with some fantastic choreography.  In my head, it sort of has this whole warrior woman vibe and I think someone with some serious choreography skills working with Downlow’d and his music could make some electronica magic here. Diva digs it!


Available for purchase on Beatport.com
Released on: Macro Records
Composer and copyright licensing information: Downlow’d/Macro Records



28 Sep


Join Diva Taunia every Monday for a lunchtime music concert series (NOON PST), featuring some of today’s up and coming musicians and songwriters. If you like what you hear, we encourage you to stop by their website or social media pages and let them know!  All links can be found on the blog at www.divatauniablog.com (just look for the blog entry with the correct concert date).  Our artists:

Monday, 9/29/14:

1.  KRM with Show Me The Way, Featuring Rylee Harper
2.  Songs on Repeat with “All This Love”
3.  Velvet Ashes with “Perils In Space”
4.  Jaway with “When Will We Learn” on itunes
5.  Imani Rose with “Bits and Pieces”

Monday, 10/05/14:

1.  Imani Rose with “Sleeping With The Enemy”
2. Downlow’d with “Legendary”
3.  The House, The Old with “Missing”
4.  Emisario Rapsoda with “En alta”
5.  Diva Taunia and Vote For Pedro with Tall, Dark, and Handsome

(ENDED) SEPTEMBER: Stop Staring Rockabilly Dress Giveaway! From Daddy O’s

21 Sep



Now folks, you may have heard that I have been under the weather a bit, but FASHION STOPS FOR NO ILLNESS!  (I am pretty sure the recently deceased and always impeccably dressed fashion darling Joan Rivers would agree with me on that!)  SO, while I get myself on the mend, I have a couple of lovely little giveaways  for you today(active now), and the winners will be announced on  my radio program on Monday,  9/22/14 at NOON, PST.  Let’s take a gander at what we’ve got to give away, shall we?  And don’t forget:  with Halloween just around the corner, you could easily turn this rockabilly hip chick into a patriotic martime All-American girl!

 To enter the raffle is simple, just click on any of th graphics below:

Please be sure to check the size chart, as this las little stretch and runs 1-2 sizes smaller, unless you have a teeny waits!  :)

Please be sure to check the size chart, as this las little stretch and runs 1-2 sizes smaller, unless you have a teeny waits! :)

Stop Starting Size Chart

Stop Starting Size Chart

Click on either graphic to find out how to win, but here are the official rules:

1.  You must “LIKE” their Facebook Page  (Extra Kudos to you if you encourage others to do the same!)   +1 entry

2. Send an email to mail@daddyos.com and ask to be on their mailing list!  +5 extra entries

3. Leave a comment on their Facebook Page saying “Diva Taunia and The Dress Addict.com sent me!” on their Facebook Page + 4 extra entires

5.  Join the Diva Taunia Newsletter HERE for 3+ entries!

Show the love, and win the dress!!  xoxo Diva Taunia & The Dress Addict.com


9 Sep

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you already know this.  On Sunday night, a little before 10:00pm, I had a seizure. My husband and I had been watching TV lying on separate couches, and he made a joke, looked over, and thought I was laughing.  When he looked harder, he saw me shaking and thought I was choking.  My arms had been crossed over my chest, and he picked me up (!)  and tried to give me the Heimlich.  I guess when he saw my face, he realized that I was having a seizure.  He called 911 because I wasn’t breathing, and they talked him through everything and sent the ambulance within minutes.

I don’t remember anything except waking up on the ambulance asking where I was.  They asked me my name, my address, my birthday:  I couldn’t answer anything because I couldn’t remember.  Slowly my memory came back to me, but it was surreal to be asked that, KNOW that I know the answer, but not be able to tell them.

Other than that, I don’t remember a thing about it.  It was mostly traumatic for my husband, who really took the brunt of all of it.  I did end up with some battle wounds:   I bit almost clear through my tongue, twisted my ankle, and tweaked my back.  I tried to nurse all of those yesterday, but I’m really feeling the brunt of the pain today.  And not being able to sing, talk, or practice trumpet is KILLING ME.  They say that the mouth heals faster than any other part of your body, so hop to it, body!  I can deal with the back and foot (although they are pretty damn painful), but the tongue is just really an inconvenience for everything:  the above mentioned plus eating, drinking, or brushing my teeth.

I’ve never had a seizure before and have no family history.  The ER tests couldn’t pinpoint why this has happened, so we’re kind of on the hunt for what’s going on right now.   The reason they are focusing most on is 1) my low iron levels and 2) that I may have bleeding ulcers again which triggered it.  I don’t feel like I do, but they are doing an upper GI next week to be sure, and I have a consultation with a neurologist as well.

Thankfully, there was no repeat yesterday. I rested for most of the day, trying to keep my foot up and iced and my back as relaxed as possible.  Jake, however, had to fix our plumbing.  Not only did he have to be strong for me on Sunday and watch the entire thing, but he had to do hard physical labor yesterday.  I just wanted him to be able to rest, but he has trouble doing that.  I am so extraordinarily lucky to have him as my husband.  Truly.

Today Jake went to work and I am home alone.  I feel fine and I’m hoping nothing happens while he’s at school.  Crossing my fingers that it was just a fluke thing, but also doing a ton of research today about seizures after weight loss surgery.

If you have a seizure as a post-op or know someone who has, please contact me.  I’d love to hear anything you’re comfortable sharing: any medical info you have about WHY you had a seizure as a post-op, when it happened, any info your doctor may have suggested, etc.   I just want to go in fully armed with info, because I know that almost always I have to advocate for myself as a wls post-op because doctors seem to know very little when I ask them questions.  Thanks for your help!

Day 2 of My Pitty Party. Is there hope?

3 Sep

Some of you yesterday read my blog about my +18 lbs regain.  Everyone was really supportive, and I’m thankful that I had a pretty-kick ass group of folks who area always willing to take a few moments of their day to send a quick note to help try and boost my spirits.  You havee no much that means to me, it really is helpful more than you think.

In the afternoon when my husband got home from work, I told him I was changing my diet pronto and going to lose weight.  He generally bucks against that because he really does find me attractive no matter what, but more so, he knows  I get a little cuckoo crazy with weight issues.  His exact response to me was this:

“You don’t eat that much, and really, you can eat whatever you want.  Your problem is that you need to exercise, and you know it.  Then you can eat whatever you want.”  (within reason, of course)

And honestly, he’s right.  I get up, got outside with the dogs and sometimes take them for long walks, but that’s really it.  I’ve stopped dancing, I don’t do even the most basic of exercises, and I’ve gradually stopped going in the pool.   Moving – exercising – I HATE it.  I’m very well aware of what foods, nutrients, vitamins, etc make my body work well. But none of it is going to make a huge difference if I just sit on my ass all day.  That’s going to have to change, and I’m finding it the hardest thing to get motivated to do.

Diva Taunia Dolls Burlesque

Diva Taunia Dolls Burlesque

But then I had this idea:   I choreographed and taught burlesque and troupe dancing for months, and the weight just poured off.  I’ve considered contacting some local dance studios to see if it’s possible to start a class around here.  I haven’t even attempted that yet, it’s only in idea form right now.

But then I also had another idea:  what about  choreographing some songs, recording the teaching videos, and then maybe approaching the WLSFA about at least a one of song performance at the conference?  My dance troupes have always been open to any man or woman, of any size, any dance background (including NONE) , and making something spectacular with people who just always wanted to just TRY IT.  Try being on stage. With the comfort of many others in the same spot, with costuming (supplied for the most part by me), a real performance to look to, and a goal of getting moving and having fun and totally forgetting that you’re working out.

Here’s a little inquiry into how things used to run.  If anyone of you are full-fledged burlesque performers, you are most certainly welcome.  But for the rest of us the dancing, the costumes, and the “leave a lot to the imagination” is what we focus on.  There’s is no minimum amount of trying (if any at all) to participate.  You can start at any level, and will immediately be welcome with open arms by some of the most fantastic, supportive women you’ve ever met.

I would run the class one of two ways:  1) by renting a studio that people (anyone is welcome) could attend on a weekly basis. There would likely be a small free for the class just to help pay for the rental of the space.   and 2) lessons completely online (free) that both the in-class students at home could use to practice at home, and for those not in SoCal who really, really want to participate.

So here’s the big question:   WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING???   We’ve got a long way to go to April/May 2015, and it would be the perfect way to start.  Of course, the performance aspect needs to be presented  to the WLSFA, but even if we weren’t allowed to do it there, I’d find us another venue.

Please let me reiterate that EVERYONE is welcome.  The beauty of this show is that we celebrate REALY women (and men) of ALL AGES, SHAPES, AND SIZES, who just generally kick ass with their bravery and awesomeness.

If you think you might be interested, please leave a comment below with a way to connect to you OR PM or email me your address using the subject line:  “REAL WOMEN DANCE TROUP.”  (email to: info@divataunia.com)

A few things you may not know behind the scenes:  I run EVERYTHING.  The management, the production, securing the costumes, negotiating the contracts selecting the music, and almost 95 of the choreography.

I also ALWAYS accept performance ideas, music, and other ideas for suggestions.  I want people to feel like that have a real emotional investment in the group.  What started out as 5-6 friends talking about it, ended up in a 50-60 crew show that sold out three times.

If you’ve ever had an inkling to be onstage in a very supportive, loving, and strong friendship group – this is for you, I promise.

If I see interest, I am on it in lickety split time and we will get to work.

Show m your inner diva!




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