Zesty is continuing to operate fully.

We wish to reassure our clients that Zesty Design will continue to operate throughout all COVID-19 Alert Levels. We have created plans for all Alert Levels, allowing our team members to seamlessly transition from the office to our homes if required.

During Levels 1 and 2, our office will be open to visitors, and staff will be working from there. Various COVID-related safety measures are in place, keeping our staff, clients, and visitors safe.

During Levels 3 and 4, our office will be closed to visitors, and staff will be working remotely from home. Meetings with clients can be conducted over Zoom, as can website training sessions, etc.

Throughout all Alert Levels we’re still designing, developing, and maintaining websites as normal. Our contact details won’t change, so you’re still able to contact the Zesty team as you normally would.

Kia kaha,

Will Lainson
Managing Director
Zesty Design

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