Ok,I almost NEVER get sucked into informercial products. As much as I love shopping, I’ve never really been tempted by those late night “ass seen on tv” products (although I do love to watch them being touted for their wonderful powers). I just know that 99% of the time, I’m going to end up having a piece of crap delivered to my door. So, it is with great embarassment that I share with you what I just had delivered:

I couldn’t help it! This one got me because man, I love to cook with some fresh herbs. And you know the fresh ones you buy at the store last 2 days tops before getting wilty. I have a garden in my backyard, but I have big vegetable plans for that this year and was planning on having a separate herb garden. Now I get to just have one in my house, thanks to the AEROGARDEN!

Here’s the pitch:

The AeroGarden® is the world’s first indoor smart garden – It’s so easy to use that anyone, with or without gardening experience (huzzah!) can grow lush, beautiful gardens right in your home! The computerized AeroGarden® tells you when to add water and nutrients. The built-in micro-processor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery and water flow and turns grow lights on and off to simulate the sun.

I hooked that bad-boy up today and I’m pretty damn excited to watch herbs grow, which says a lot about my social life.

I’ll keep you posted. You know if I throw a dinner party that the herby goodness is in full bloom!


  1. I’m really interested in finding out how this works for you. I don’t have a great track record for indoor plant growing and this seems like it would take some of the indoor black thumb out of the picture. Give me an outdoor garden and I can make it grow. Inside I’ve killed cacti. :-)Good luck!Jennifer

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