It’s that time of year again: when I obnoxiously announce that all things I say and do must be forgiven because “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” Also, it’s a weekend full o’ festivities that make me happy:

Friday night: went to see chick-flick 27 dresses with Aimee and Cynthia and then went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Aimee and I are both celebrating our February birthdays!

Saturday: got a delivery of these absolutely gorgeous flowers from Shah and Brian (thank you!!)

Saturday night: The whole lot of us gathered at Rock Bottom in Boston for dinner, and then we headed over to The Encore, where we broke out into drunken song. Good times but….

Sunday: recovering from Saturday night’s good times.

Monday: My birthday proper, and having lunch with Aimee and Cynthia!

Turning 35 all over again could not have been more fun!

One thought on “SODERFEST!

  1. You really do know how to do birthdays up right! Thanks for sharing yours with me — I think Smolderfest was a huge success. May 35 part deux be everything you wish for, and more! xo

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