“The Real Skinny” – New TLC Program Featuring Dr. Timothy Katzen and Sarah!

If you’re part of the weight loss surgery community, no doubt you’ve run across two really fantastic people:  Dr. Timothy Katzen and Sarah Holbrook (SarahWillBe Skinny).   Sarah was the recipient of the first WLSFA plastic surgery grant, and Dr. Katzen was the amazing doctor who performed her surgery.  Both are really positive and really active members of the wls community, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that they’re being featured on a new TLC Program called “The Real Skinny.”

The show is set to air on Monday, March 12th at 10:00pm EST.   March 12th just happens to be the three year anniversary of Sarah’s weight loss surgery, and she’s been such an inspirational part of our community – it the show will highlight her experience with weight loss surgery, excess skin, and plastic surgery with Dr. Katzen. Mark your calendar to watch the show and support these two fantastic members of our community.  Congrats to you both, and I can’t wait to see the show!

More Information:

Dr. Katzen’s Website:

Dr. Katzen on Facebook

Sarah on YouTube:  SarahWillBeSkinny
Sarah on Facebook: SarahWillBeSkinny
Sarah on Twitter: @SarahBeSkinny

Watch Sarah’s Video Here:
Watch me on “The Real Skinny” on TLC 3/12

4 thoughts on ““The Real Skinny” – New TLC Program Featuring Dr. Timothy Katzen and Sarah!

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  2. hi dr timothy my names is melissa and i i am 18 months out of having gastric sleeve surgery, i was wondering if its posible to have a tummy tuck i have a pouch and extra skin and i really really want it gone im 26 and i just want the end result, im very depressed and if no one will hear me im gonna do it myself, im sick of seeing it please pleeeeeease can you help me

  3. I am 8 years out of surgery and have went from 496 pounds to about 238 pounds. I have had a tummy tuck but am in need of surgery to reduce the extra skin on my upper arms and on my thighs. I have to buy clothes that are to big in the waist or bust to get them to fit my thighs and arms. If there is anyway I would quailify for surgery that would not cost me anything (as I am on social security disability…at only 40 years old) I am more than willing to go through it and have everything taped for your show. Please consider me as a potential patient. 9895331295 is my phone number. I would love to be in a smaller size again and be able to get back out and work in the workplace.

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