Ok, so I’m a day late on a series that I only started last week.  I’m nothing if not consistent!  ;)

Here are the five cool things/people/events that I think you should now about this week:


Diamond Dallas Page – DDP Yoga!

You may remember DDP from when he was on the Backstage Pass Radio Program last year. DDP was Carnie Wilson’s personal trainer on the TV show, “Unstapled.”  Many of you also know Dallas as a professional wrestler. He became a pro wrestler at 35, and his career didn’t take off until he was 39.  At 40, he was one of the top wrestlers in the word and at 42, he suffered a potentially career-ending injury.  It was suggested to him to try yoga, and his initial instinct was that it was mumbo jumbo, but he was desperate to save his body that he gave it a shot. He then teamed up with nutritionists,  kinesiologists and created a workout where he took the basic principles of yoga blended with elements of strength conditioning, pilates, and mixed martial arts and created DDP Yoga.  And at 43, DDP won the World Wrestling Heavyweight Championship title, an honor and title he went on to hold three additional times.  His website is  Check out this kick-ass new DDP Yoga!



My friend Josie has such a lovely Facebook Page, and I’m always enthralled with the poetry, photos, and inspiration she posts on her wall.   In fact, her “about” page says:  Admires anyone brave enough to write poetry as well as those that show authentic expression through their music or art.  Often found musing about the internet attempting to capture moments of magic.

I think she’s a sweetheart with a really great eye (and pen) for all things artistic.  Please say hello to her on Facebook, add her as a friend, and tell her Diva Taunia sent you!



My friend Heather and her kick-ass band Under Atoms have won the first round qualifier for the Boston Hard Rock Rising Contest!   Heather kicks much ass onstage, and she’s the kindest, most loveable person off-stage.  The band is really solid and strong, and I knew as soon as I had heard them that they would be the winners.  :)  From the website:

Once upon a long time ago in a galaxy somewhere in New England, Under Atoms (the band formerly known as UNDER ADAMS) saw its meager beginnings in a simple bass player’s basement. Times were tough, the beer was warm, but we’ve held it together for many years.

Several years and a relocation of basements later, Under Atoms, now thrives somewhere near the shores of Salisbury, admiring the albatross and making beautiful music together. We have seen the other side of the tunnel and want to buy some real estate there so that our dedicated following can stop by and party with us until the penguins come home.

Along the way, Under Atoms has been grateful to have been able to play at a few different places like the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafe–both in Boston–as well as The Grog up in Newburyport.  Visit the Hard Rock Rising Page Here!


Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

As some of you may know, I am on the Board of Directors for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, and I couldn’t be prouder of that.  I’m really excited to be attending the upcoming Meet & Greet in Las Vegas, NV, and I hope you’ll be there too!

There will be a ton of great vendors, speakers, and pre-op and post-op people there, and it’s a great way to connect with others in your community and learn about some seriously awesome bariatric products (and walk away with some serious loot!  Samples GALORE!)

Be sure to check out the website at, and hope to see you on May 18-20th at Ballys’ on the strip!


Today is St. Patrick’s Day!  

Despite being a very pale Irish lass, I do not like or drink beer, so the best I can do is give this patron saint a shout out on my blog.  Check out to learn about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, see some pictures, and find some cool irish stuff to buy.

May you live a long life full of gladness and health, with a pocket full of gold,as the least of your wealth. May the dreams you hold dearest, be those which come true, the kindness you spread, keep returning to you. ~Irish Blessing


One thought on “FRIDAY(ish) FIVE!

  1. Hey everyone, i won the DDPyoga program last monday and im anxious to get it started!! I checked it out online and let me tell you… i cant wait!! My 15 yr old son will be doin it with me. not because he wants to lose but he needs to gain so that he can continue on to his a Pro Wrestler!! my sons fb status other day
    Take a look if u wanna be fit!!

    i think he is excited to start too..too funny!

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