Metabolism B: Diane Kress

If you tuned into tonight’s program with Diane Kress, author of the NY Times Bestseller “The Metabolism Miracle,”  you know the big question was “how do I know if I have Met B?”

Here’s Diane’s list of testing numbers to determine if you have “Metabolism B,” otherwise known as Metabolic Syndrome:

  • Glucose will be over 89
  • Total cholesterol might be over 99
  • LDL over 99
  • HDL under 45
  • Triglycerides over 99
  • Vitamin D under 40
  • TSH out of range (less than .45 or over 4.5)

Did you miss either of the shows?  No fear!  Both shows are archived below.  Many thanks to the fantastic Diane Kress – one of my most popular guests yet!🙂

Episode 1 (air date: 4/14/12):

Episode 2 (air date: 4/23/12):

The Metabolism Miracle: (Diane’s Online Support Group): 

Well, I am indeed honored! 🙂

Today's Honoree is The #1 Blog For Recognizing The Works of Others

Diva Taunia works tirelessly in her community for weight loss surgery and obesity sensitivity education and is an activist for ending weight bias and discrimination.

Diva Taunia is an award-winning professional vocalist, Radio Host, Burlesque Musical Director & Choreographer, and general all-around smart-ass.

Formerly 311 lbs, Diva Taunia had gastric bypass surgery on 3/25/08 and has maintained a loss of over 140 lbs.

With a love for all things glitzy, glamorous, and “Diva,” she has weekly giveaways and promotions on her radio show and social network bringing fashion, makeup, glamour, and celebrating the beauty and sex appeal of women (and men!) of all shapes and sizes.

Her weight loss journey, music videos, and general antics can be found on her Website at and on her YouTube Page at

She can be heard ever Monday night as the host of the Backstage Pass Radio Program, discussing issues and topics…

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4/13/12: Friday Five

The best part about doing a weekly feature is that I get to highlight and showcase some great people, places, and things.  The worst part is that I have to remember that I need to post every Friday.  For half of the day today, I didn’t even realize it WAS Friday, so this is no small feat for me.  Especially impressive since it’s Friday the 13th, and I’m bound to screw something up somewhere today.  lol

Here are this week’s Friday Five.  Enjoy!  :)


The Dress
re:  blatant self-promotion

At the end of April, I’ll be launching a new website that showcases one of my favorite obsesssion: dresses.  The website will feature reviews, discounts and deals, designers, and everyone’s favorite:  giveaways!





The Dress Addict

For anyone who “LIKES” the Facebook page before April 30th, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of several dress giveaways (more prizes added throughout the weekend).  So do two things:  1)  bookmark and 2) go to the Facebook Page and like it!







#2  /  Huffington Post
“An open letter to Carnie Wilson”

First, I’d like to thank Beth at for not only letting her readers know about this article, but for writing such a thoughtful response post on her blog.

I’m just in awe that any medical professional – particularly a licensed therapist experience in cognitive therapy behavior – would so openly and readily call out someone in such a public and humiliating way.  Never mind that Carnie Wilson is a celebrity and that she makes her journey public:  this is a licensed medical professional who knows better and understands the rules of medical privacy.   Pretty unbelievable.  Read the entire story here on Beth’s blog and here on The Huffington Post.


Citizens Medical Center BMI / Obesity Discrimination Policy Suspended!

From the Obesity Action Coalition:

Tampa, Fla. – Earlier today, Citizens Medical Center Chief Executive Officer, David Brown, contacted OAC President and CEO Joe Nadglowski and informed Mr. Nadglowski that their weight-based hiring policy has been suspended.

The Center recently came under fire when media outlets throughout the U.S. focused attention on its body mass index (BMI) requirement for employment. The policy stated that individuals with a BMI of 35 or more would not be eligible for employment at Citizens Medical Center. OAC leadership reached out to Mr. Brown and expressed their concerns that this hiring policy greatly perpetuated weight bias and stigma often associated with the disease of obesity.

“The OAC is very pleased that Mr. Brown and Citizens Medical Center have decided to remove the policy. It is unfortunate that the policy was ever implemented; however, we applaud them for taking a proactive step toward reducing weight bias,” said Nadglowski.

The OAC’s Web site states the following in regard to obesity and the workplace:

Employers are impacted by obesity because of increased healthcare costs, absenteeism and workers compensation, which can often be associated with obesity. Companies should provide comprehensive obesity prevention and treatment programs for their employees and employ incentive programs (such as discounted health club memberships, availability of healthier food choices at work, etc.) where possible.
While incentive programs should be encouraged, we believe that punitive measures (higher premiums, penalties for non-participation, etc.) should not be utilized as a catalyst for individuals to address their obesity. Further stigmatization and penalization of this population often elicits a response counter to the goal of the original penalty.
In 2011, the OAC launched a new initiative, entitled “Bias Busters,” which aims to combat weight bias throughout society, including settings such as healthcare, employment, pop culture, the media and more. To date, “Bias Busters” has taken on weight bias issues with Facebook, Entertainment Tonight and others. “’Bias Busters’ has proven to be an effective initiative to address weight bias. It was an OAC member who originally alerted us to Citizens Medical Center’s BMI policy. We are very thankful that OAC leadership was able to effectively assist in the removal of the policy in a timely manner,” said Pam Davis, RN, BSN, CBN, OAC Chairman.

For more information on the OAC’s “Bias Busters,” please visit If you know of a weight bias issue that you would like the OAC to review, please email

The OAC is a National nonprofit charity dedicated to helping individuals affected by obesity. The OAC was formed to bring together individuals struggling with weight issues and provide educational resources and advocacy tools.

# # #

Online karaoke site – great community!

www.singsnap.comI have found that in the past few months that I’ve been referring lots of students and singing enthusiasts to one of my favorite sites:  It’s a really great community of people who love to sing, and you can record songs, add them to your account, get feedback and comments, participate in contests and much, much more.  They offer free accounts and “Gold” accounts that give you access to the entire library.  If you love to sing, this site is for you!

# 5
Sexy Lingerie!

I recently found out about a great website called  They have a HUGE selection of lingerie and intimates and the owner, Marne, is a really wonderful gal to work with.  She sent me a bunch of lingerie to review (I will be posting a separate blog review in the future), and she has an excellent range of sizes, and everything is really reasonably priced as well.  If you’re looking for some sassy new duds, check out!

I don’t suck nearly as bad as I thought!

I don't suck nearly as bad as I thought!

I’m only $80 away from my fundraising goal! This is pretty amazing considering I really *am* the world’s WORST fundraiser. I’m going to give it one more go after this with a video on my YouTube channel (“Hi! It’s me! Begging for money from you!“), but I’m hoping that I may actually meet excede my goal. That would take me right out of “suckage” to “not too shabby.” Plus, my charity would be rockin’ with a few extra donated bucks.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by obesity, please consider making a tax-deductable donation that will raise funds and draw attention to obesity and the need for treatment and prevention efforts, as well as sensitivity training.

Many thanks! xo