Yesterday was a whirlwind of events for me!   At 5:00 am, I was on the high-speed Acela Amtrak train to New York City.  Note:  I had never been on that train before, and I kept saying that I was going to arrive in NYC “shaken, not stirred.”  The train is super-fast, but it also tosses passengers around like rag dolls.  I was VERY motion sick, but happy that I arrived in NYC at 8:45 am at Penn Station for my 9:00 appointment with ABC’s “The Revolution.”

I walked about five blocks to the studio, and immediately started remembering how much I loved living in New York.  In fact, the ABC studio was right around the corner from my old apartment there, and I wish I had more time to hang out in the city, but I had a super-tight schedule to abide by.  I got to the ABC studios by 9:00 on the dot, and was immediately met by some really nice interns who brought me up to the studio.

Unfortunately, they made me sign a non-disclosure form, so I can’t talk in detail about the day events.  I can only let you know we talked about weight loss surgery and shapers, and I met one of the very few people on TV that I truly adore:  Tim Gunn.  In fact, I was walking up to the green room in the hall and he recognized ME!  (WHAT?!!?)  He said, “Oh, hello, Taunia.  We’re going to have fun today!”  He shook my hand and then we parted ways until the taping.

We did our segment, and I asked him for a photo afterwards, and without batting an eye, he said, “of course!”


Honestly, he’s SUCH a nice man and was so complimentary to me about my weight loss and just kept telling me over and over again how amazed he was at the difference and how proud he was that I’d kept it off for so long.  The staff had only wonderful things to say about him too.  He’s adored for a reason – he’s genuine and really sweet.  So glad to have met him in person.

I can also let you know that the air date of my segment/show is Monday, May 21st.  It’s on weekdays at 2pm EST  and you can find full episodes of the show HERE.

By the way, if you’re interested in knowing what I was wearing underneath my dress on the ABC segment, I wore this from Slimpressions (along with the tummy tucker control brief):

After my segment was over, I walked back over to Penn Station, grabbed some lunch, and then waited for my train to take me home.  I got home *just* in time to broadcast the radio program and give away plenty of dresses.  Did you miss it?  You can hear the show (with a recap of my day) here:

Special thanks to my my friends who helped me out yesterday – my bestie who let me broadcast from her home and my guy for picking my up and carting me around the past few days.  You’re both a peach!  xo

2 thoughts on “MY DAY WITH TIM!

  1. I love NYC! It’s all kinds of crazy! Glad you had such an awesome day – and look forward to watching the segment!

  2. I’m so happy for you! Glad it was so thrilling! Yes, he’s a peach! I see him as a guest on other TV shows and he’s always the same – polite, knowledgeable and SO HANDSOME! (This coming from and 80-year-old!) Keep on keeping on! You’re doing wonderful~!!! I love you!❤❤

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