A little over a month ago, we did a giveaway for my other site:  www.thedressaddict.com, and I was sent this dress to review.  I have one word to sum up the review GORGEOUS.  Seriously. The Serena Dress in Red Swirl.
(Ridiculously unimportant and unrelated fact:  my dog’s name is Serena, and she’s the cutest thing ever.  Click here for her pic.)

First, the packaging itself was beautiful.  It came in a box, lined with deep purple tissue paper, and inside a deep purple mesh bag with a little satin tie.  This is a company that goes the extra mile to present their products to you.  While I know packaging doesn’t mean all that much, I was still very impressed with the presentation.

The dress itself?  STUNNING.  A super-comfy wrap dress in a color and pattern that would look gorgeous on anyone. Extremely flattering to the body – and in a solid stretch material (no flimsy poly here) that moves with your body and accents your curves in all the right places.  I absolutely love this dress, and they offer a whole line of gorgeous and sexy pieces for the girl with curves.


The Serena Dress in Red Swirl. Ba-Boom. This is the dress you’ve been waiting for! A retro memory from days of the classic wrap dress, Serena swoops your loveliness and gathers it in with the riches of fabric, a bold and alluring print commands everyone’s attention – walk in the room in this body hugging number and the gang with me talking about you and your QG entrance for weeks!  (This is no lie, the dress is a show-stopper!)

Fabric: Jersey 95%, poly 5%, spandex/satin 97%, poly 3%. Lining; 100% polyester.   Available in sizes 12-26.


Queen Grace is a very real person, quite regal and grand in her own right; she is YOU. You, in all your magnificent beauty, supremely independent in your thinking, a woman who is proud of her body and excited to be enjoying fashion. You are everything Queen Grace represents — every real woman, with a real woman body that Queen Grace designs our award winning collections for. A divine woman, a vivacious and savvy woman, who chooses to express her true self every day, in every moment of her life. A woman who desires clothing, jewelry and accessories that caress her curves, flatter her figure and play up her dynamic personality.

What we as women wear and how we wear it, communicates our unique personalities to everyone we meet. By you choosing to wear the Queen Grace Collection, you are proudly expressing the strength and poise of a woman who rules her own world. Our full range of day-to-evening looks and styles encompass current trends to timeless, classic profiles—all created with the most exquisite, comfortable, high quality fabrics our designers have sourced just for you.

COUPON CODE:  Use “DIVAT” for a 30% discount!

Please visit the website at http://queengrace.com/.

What do YOU think?

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