As many of you know, I have a strict no-negative review policy.  Because of this, I’m very selective about my sponsors and I only partner with the companies and products that I truly do love.  And love, I do, my newest sponsor:  Wellesse Liquid Bariatric Solutions:

For any new post-operative patient, these are FANTASTIC.  The doses is small, liquid, and tastes GREAT.  In fact, the calcium tastes like a creamsicle smoothie to me!  Even though I’m four years out and don’t need to have liquids, I have been using them for the past week to try them out, and I’m pretty happy with all of them.  They can be taken as a quick 2 oz shot all on their own, or you can mix them into juice, water, OR try out MY brilliant idea:


Come ON!  How fun would this make taking your vitamins?   I’m serious.  Whip up your little snow cone with any of the great berry and citrus flavors they offer.  I  think that this is really stroke of genius on my part.   Just sayin’.

Most of their  products are sugar-free AND gluten-free (score!), and they’re naturally sweetened with Stevia  (note: not ALL of their products have Stevia – some do have sucralose (the Calcium, Glucosamine, B complex) and the Vitamin D 1000 IU is not sugar free, but they do use Stevia whenever possible!).  Honestly?  I think this stuff rocks and you should try it – especially if you are a brand new post-op searching for vitamins and supplements that are easy on to get down.  And you know I have a Diva discount for you!


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In fact, I think you should have a collection of your own, so I’m of course going to do a super-happy giveaway.  Here’s how it works:


(2) Wellesse Bariatric Starter Packs valued at $55 that includes 2 bottles of the Multivitamin, 2 bottles of Calcium, 1 Liquid Iron, 1 Vitamin D3 and 1 B-12 plus a $25 Wellesse gift card.


Get one entry into a raffle for each of these entries:

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Two winners will be drawn at random on the Monday, April 23rd radio program at 8:00pm EST.  Wellesse is now an official sponsor of The Backstage Pass Radio Program, and I heart them for that.  Good luck!  :)


My Friday Five series usually focuses on positive topics, ideas, and people, but sometimes something so unbelievable comes my way that I have to bring it to light.  This week’s Friday Five includes one of the most disturbing and blatant examples of weight bias (and racism) that I’ve ever seen.  Please remember:  you have a voice and can be an advocate for change.  With that, today’s Friday Five:


Citizens Medical Center:  Weight Discrimination

In my inbox today was a story about Citizens Medical Center’s no-hiring policy for the obese.  Ironically enough, this was featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine, who you may remember featured an extremely insulting “comedy” article about XXL patients (written by Dr. John Kelly, who later apologized for his lack of judgement and sensitivity in the article, although the magazine never apologized for publishing it).   I am appalled by what I read.

The CEO has instituted a no-hiring policy for the obese because, as reported in the magazine:

The majority of our patients are over 65, and they have expectations that cannot be ignored in terms of personal appearance,” David Brown, head of Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas, told the Texas Tribune. “We have the ability as an employer to have a policy that says what’s best for our business and for our patients.

Mr. Brown claims overweight workers are absent from work more often than their slim colleagues, although the hospital’s decision to pass on obese applicants isn’t based on health insurance premiums. The hiring policy, notes the report, points to physical appearance and the desire to promote overall health to patients as the hospital’s basis for omitting overweight applicants from consideration.”

The Rudd Center also reports:

“Turning down qualified job applicants because of their body weight is blatant discrimination, and prevents these applicants from making meaningful contributions to their community as competent health care professionals,”  says Rebecca Puhl, PhD, Rudd Center Director of Research and Weight Stigma Initiatives. “The body weight of health professionals, like the general population, varies considerably. A health professional’s body weight is irrelevant in his or her ability to provide appropriate, sensitive, and evidence-based health care to patients.”

If you have been considering using your voice to end weight bias and discrimination, please join the cause now.  This is not an isolated incident of weight bias and discrimination – it happens all the time.   Need to start somewhere?  Consider joining the Obesity Action Coalition and go to their GET INVOLVED page to find out how you can help.


TheTurtleRiot – New YouTuber!

WLS video blog, #2 pre op


H20 HOME – Yes, please!

From RealityPod:

An American Company builds these underground homes on Request. It’s like an underground Submarine made of Glass! Would you want a home like this?

I love anything in, on, or around the water.  I’d live in one of these in a hot underwater second!


Mega Millions Jackpot:  $640 Million
The Washington Post reports that I have a better chance of dying by bee sting than winning the $640 Million Jackpot.  I’m still buying a ticket – and staying away from bees.


Introducing my new sponsor:  Wellesse Bariatric Liquids!

If you are a pre-op or baby post-op, you definitely should check out Wellesse Liquid Bariatric Solutions.  I am pretty selective about my sponsors, and I only showcase and feature products that I really like and stand behind.  I had never tried these (I’m four years post-op and don’t have to worry about pills, etc), so they sent me out all of the products to try and I have to tell you:  I LOVE them.  I think they taste great and are PERFECT for little pouches that need their vitamins and supplements.  I also want to buy a Snoopy Snow Cone machine just so I can make slushies with these, because I’m pretty sure they’d be AWESOME. I’ll be doing a giveaway on the radio show soon, so keep an eye on the Backstage Pass Radio Program page, and also check then out at!